Product Review – Dyson Air Purifier

September 28, 2021By Kim Porter
HatchOne is constantly reviewing products, and when we recently purchased a Dyson HP07 Air Purifier, we knew we had to write a review.  The HP07 is an exceptional product — from the unboxing experience, to the app download, to the setting up and running.  Unboxing   The HP07 Purifier was shipped in its original product packaging.  [...]

Bicycle Disc Brake – Heat Sink

June 28, 2021By Kim Porter
HatchOne often gets asked to recommend products based on unique design elements. We also stay aware of clever innovations that can be used cross-functionally in different products. We climbed a mountain pass recently on bike and while riding behind a clearly outfitted road rider, noticed a heat sink on the rear disc brake. Brilliant, I [...]

MOMA Product Success

August 27, 2020By Kim Porter
Two designs decades apart.  Getting products into MOMA involves three key areas for success. Blog Post by Kim Porter   Brand Equity Brand equity is the first key area for MOMA consideration.  This means a clear, concise vision of what your product is about, a signature look and form driving product function.  Kipiis was not [...]

Three things that get Products to Market

July 8, 2020By Kim Porter
Kipiis Bib Clips, “Make Anything a Bib”   We all have great ideas that make great products; we are all designers.  The difference is whether we take action to create the products we imagine.  HatchOne’s clients have great ideas and a lot of passion.  The initial meet-and-greet involves sharing three basic needs for successful product [...]