HatchOne’s latest product review is Picky Bars Performance Oatmeal.

Picky Oats is not only a tasty, protein packed nutritious meal — it comes in a clever flat pop-up cup for steeping and eating.  A perfect solution for backpacking, camping and a meal on the run.


The packaging is a clever multifunction design.  Graphics are on brand and the point of purchase package pops open to hold the correct amount of hot water or cold milk.  The package is sold flat, a space saver and allows for good product display.  After cutting the top off a simple squeeze on the sides of the package pops it into a box – with little legs for support!

The box is stable even with the added hot water and has the perfect sized opening for a teaspoon. I held the top closed to keep the heat in while the oats steeped.


Graphic design is often lumped into 2D and logo branding.  Apple has been instrumental on shining the spotlight on what a good unboxing and innovated package can do to a brand.  So many HatchOne clients request ‘packaging like Apple’.  Good packaging is like designing a product in itself – including the development price.  Picky Bars did an excellent job of innovative product design and marrying 2D graphics with 3D usability.  The volume, spoon access and stability performed much better than expected (a pleasant surprise!) all while keeping the brand on point and the package simple and cost effective. 

Not only was the overall user experience crazy-good, being an oatmeal fan, the flavor profile was excellent, not to mention the protein content and nutritious ingredients.

 HatchOne Grade A+