10 Products in 12 Months

January 25, 2021By Kim Porter
Lora DiCarlo is a startup designing micro-robots for the health and wellness industry.  Success during a pandemic is getting innovative products to market as quickly as possible to generate sustaining revenue and company growth. What does it take to get 10 products to market in 12 months?   Process Partnership Empowered Team  These three are key [...]

3 Ways Visual Frames Build Brands

December 31, 2020By Kim Porter
Business plans are documents that outline the details of a business - usually a startup - and define its objectives and how to achieve specific goals.  It’s a written roadmap from marketing, financial and operational perspectives. What’s missing in most business plans is any specifics about the business brand.  Most often a ‘brand’ is associated [...]

Whiteboard Product Development

July 8, 2020By Kim Porter
3 Ways Whiteboards Contribute to the Product Development Process Blog Post By Kim Porter   A lot of people think there is a clear delineation between right- and left-brain thinking; and that you’re either right or left. Left-brain dominant thinkers have an aptitude for logic, reasoning, language, and numbers. That’s why most engineers are very [...]