24 Hours of Design

April 22, 2022By Kim Porter
People are often amused at what designers observe as they go through their days. We’re often asked for opinions like, “what vacuum should I buy?” This blog is a list of design observations throughout a 24-hour period. Have fun guessing what the products are and why we might be curious about them. Airport (mostly) water [...]

Creative Plastic in Engineering

February 21, 2021By Kim Porter
Thermal Conductive Polymer Tech  Understanding thermal heat transfer in products is key for innovative engineering solutions in product design and development. What is a thermally conductive polymer?  Thermally conductive polymer materials come from high-tech and were developed in part, to provide conductive cooling in products that produce a lot of heat. The ability to injection [...]

Passive Cooling in Product Design

November 18, 2020By Kim Porter
If mechanical designers ruled the world, all electro-mechanical products would be passively cooled. Why? There are five primary reasons: Eliminate moving parts that fail Decrease the cost of the equipment Eliminate noise  Decrease repairs and maintenance Ensure warranty  These are the promises of passive cooling systems in products, and really, they lead to a win-win-win [...]

Material Choices in Product Design

October 10, 2020By Kim Porter
Don’t discount material choice in product development. Brand Oxo products are a great example of material choice building brand equity.  Oxo came out with a line of kitchen utensils using TPR overmold as a design element.  Oxo became known for ‘black handles’ along with clear, user-based forms. Product Choosing the right material can make or [...]