Two designs decades apart.  Getting products into MOMA involves three key areas for success.

Blog Post by Kim Porter


Brand Equity

Brand equity is the first key area for MOMA consideration.  This means a clear, concise vision of what your product is about, a signature look and form driving product function.  Kipiis was not only  a novel concept for making anything a bib, the entrepreneur knew the importance of establishing an identifiable brand for business success.  Osé 2 is a revolutionary, biomimetic, micro-robot.  Lora DiCarlo’s equity mission along with health and wellness at the helm of the brand provided key points of influence for MOMA.


Industrial Design

Beautiful form follows function.  Both Kipiis and Osé 2 have industrial designs that focus their company’s 3D brand equity.  They are also revolutionary in their user needs based design development.  Never before seen products showcasing innovative concepts resonate with MOMA.


Innovative Idea

Kipiis product concept originated in the dentist office.  The inspiration being the paper and alligator clip used in most dental procedures.  Osé 2’s passion is driven from a ‘mind-blowing’ orgasm the CEO had years before founding her company.  Both products have patents issued or pending, both products worthy of innovative protection.

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2

Kipiis Bib Clip

Kipiis bib clip